ARCH MOTORCYCLE, technology partner

Motul recently expanded its long-standing partnership with ARCH Motorcycle Company. The expanded partnership will see the Los Angeles-based high-end custom production motorcycle company co-founded by Gard Hollinger and Keanu Reeves incorporate Motul’s line of metalworking coolants into its manufacturing process.

By addressing specific industrial constraints with high proficiency, MotulTech has established a key role in ARCH Motorcycle’s development of bespoke parts for its line of motorcycles. Motul provides premium metalworking coolant and machining lubricant solutions for ARCH, in addition to serving as ARCH's exclusive provider of motorsports lubricants.

Both Motul and ARCH set the highest standards for innovation, performance, and reliability in their products for discerning clients who expect the absolute best. This partnership will help allow Motul to continue pioneering new products engineered to deliver premium results in motorsports and manufacturing. 

MotulTech: "The road to success" 4 : Motul x ARCH