Technical support & monitoring for long lasting lubricants

From user needs analysis (field audit and requirements check) to product recommendation and trial guidance, our highly trained staff is able to address any kind of Lubrication topic related to machine lubrication (hydraulic circuits, gears, slideways, compressors,…) or metal process (heat treatment, hot or cold forming, cutting and grinding) and much more…

At MotulTech, we have some of the most innovative products and sustainable solutions for our customers which is backed with world class, advanced technology lab services.

MotulTech also proposes an extensive offer of application trainings through its E-learning website “MotulTechSchool”. It allows users and workshop staff to improve their knowledge about lubricants, it order to use them in a more efficient and sage way.

With the aim to reduce waste generation, to limit maintenance costs (oil destruction, machine cleaning, filling, breakdown …) and to control operation costs (tool consumption, scrap rates, etc.), MotulTech contributes to productivity improvement and working environment preservation in benefits to the users health and TCO.