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Aerospace specialties

Our metalworking range for AEROSPACE is designed to optimize performances...

ARCH MOTORCYCLE, technology partner

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New dry powder Lubricant for aluminum extrusion


MOTUL GREEN TECH™ safe+sustainable machining lubricants solutions

MOTUL GREEN TECH™ is a complete range of process and maintenance lubricants based on renewable raw materials. 

Combining performance and operator care (non-CLP labeling even for low-viscosity whole grinding oils, no PAHs, high flash point...), MOTUL GREEN TECH™ vegetable-based cutting fluids are designed to replace mineral oils in almost all metal machining conditions.

MotulTech - specialist of industrial manufacturing

MotulTech is a division of Motul Group, a family owned international company manufacturing high performance lubricants for more than 170 years. 

MotulTech develops, blends and sells top tier industrial lubricants for metal working and machinery lubrication.


MotulTech School

MotulTech School is an online learning tool that brings together all the expertise of the MotulTech teams.


MotulTech offers a wide range of tools and services for the maintenance and monitoring of industrial lubricants and fluids.

Lubricant analysis

The highest performance level of your lubricants requires a continuous monitoring on site or analysis done by our MotulTech Lab.

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