Who is MotulTech?

MotulTech - division of Motul Group - develops, blends and sells top tier industrial lubricants for metalworking and machinery maintenance.

MotulTech product offer covers lubricants for metal cutting-grinding, forming and casting-extrusion but also quenchants, rust preventatives, cleaners and lubricating oils and greases for a variety of applications.

MotulTech’s experts daily support end-users in workshops to optimize their process, reduce their TCO and their production or maintenance sustainability.

As every Motul’s people, our staff is passionate by mechanic in motion and behaves as solution provider rather than any basic oil supplier.

MotulTech is present in many countries in the world through its products and services, as well as its manufacturing sites and R&D laboratories.

MotulTech Baraldi

Founded in 1917, Baraldi develops and produces die casting lubricants and release agents since the 70s.

The company operates on an area of approx. 3000 square meters, assuring an extremely efficient and flexible production. 

In 2006, Baraldi became partner of MotulTech, to share know-how, market strategies and to develop national and international activities. 

Today Baraldi is the reference for HPDC lubricants within the Motul Group thanks to its avant-garde quality control, research and development laboratory. Located in Bologna, Baraldi supervises MotulTech’s activity in Italy.